This word make us dream. 

For many, the first image that appears at mind is the one of an old galleon, that takes a chest of the treasure, full of diamonds, gold coins and emeralds, but is protected by enormous sharks; for others it is the man's fight against the elements, that after all triumph, taking for the bottom dreams and lives. 

For us, divers, they are the opportunity to leave our imagination, and our senses, in contact with the past and, at the same time, with the present. 

Brazil possesses an enormous coast and in her the remains of more than 10.000 ships. Many are the dream of the "Treasure Hunters"; other became the habitat of a rich underwater fauna, and today they are one of the largest attractions for the divers, in a specialty that is attracting followers, more and more.  

During my activities in the area, I have been noticing that the interest of the divers has not been addressed only to the dive, but also to the research of the history of the shipwreck in which they dive. The academic interest also is appearing in our country, with the underwater archeologists formation.

After some years of research about shipwrecks in the Brazilian coast, it arrived the time of presenting a new site (that doesn't intend to drain the subject or to be the most complete) to offer to all various options on the subject. 

My only pretension, is that this site will be used as source of serious information by those that begin in the dive, as well as for the more experts than want to learn a little more about the subject.

The updatings will be weekly and, as always, I´m open to receive suggestions, criticism or questions.  

For all those that, like me, have fascination for shipwrecks:

and my excuses, 
the english version is under construction.

Marcello De Ferrari

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